Products & Services

Products & Services

Retail Point of Sale Solutions

MGM Solutions specializes in creating personalized point of sale hardware and software solutions for our customers. We carry a large range of point of sale products ranging from barcode scanners to receipt printers to mobile computers to complete systems. Whether your retail POS needs are a small gift shop looking to speed up checkout times and track inventory more efficiently or a large chain of stores looking to streamline POS transactions and reduce error and shrinkage, MGM Solutions has the retail POS solutions for you.

Retail POS Solutions from top manufacturers including:

Restaurant & Hospitality Point of Sale Solutions

Restaurant & Hospitality POS Solutions from MGM Solutions help set your customer service above the competition. MGM Solutions can provide customer hospitality POS Solutions for your restaurant, cafe, salon, spa and more. From touchscreen computers to industry leading receipt printers our products and custom solutions will help speed up servers and decrease customer waiting time. We also carry a variety of restaurant and salon point of sale software that cover POS as well as employee tracking, inventory, and more. Contact us today to find out more about a Restaurant or hospitality solution for your business.

Retail POS Solutions from top manufacturers including:

Point of Care (POC) Solutions

Point of Care Solutions for hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices and pharmacies can increase efficiency while decreasing human error in the health care environment. From driver’s license data parsing during triage to ensuring correct dosages for patients, MGM Solutions can provide point of care solutions to fit your needs. Hardware, including mobile computers, barcode scanners and keyboards, is available with health care specific antimicrobial housing that can handle continuous cleaning with harsh chemicals. Other POC hardware can include wristband printers with antimicrobial media, barcode label printers for prescriptions, patient tracking, and more.

Point of Care Solutions from top manufacturers including:

Control of Work (CoW) Solutions

Control of Work (CoW) Solutions from MGM Solutions streamline workflow in large scale industrial operations such as oil refineries, chemical plants and other manufacturing facilities. Our solutions help supervisors monitor work in their units, enforce regulatory compliance, and ensure that work is accomplished safely while reducing the paperwork burden and increasing time-on-tools. Our solutions provide supervisors and workers with visual overviews of day to day projects and maintenance. Our work dashboards and unit mapping solutions are integrated with scheduling data and risk assessment documentation to provide a seamless permitting process. More Info

Mobile Computing Solutions

Mobile Computing Solutions from MGM Solutions can give your field workers a leg up by increasing efficiency, reducing errors, and eliminating the need for paperwork back at the office. Field mobility solution including mobile computers, mobile printers, software and more streamline workflow in the field and back in the office making sure your business runs smoothly inside and out. For more information on how MGM Solutions can increase your field work productivity, contact us today.

Mobile Computing Solutions from top manufacturers including:

Inventory Control Solutions

Inventory Control Solutions can reduce waste, cost of operation, and inventory errors, while increasing productivity and saving time. From inventories in retail shops to large scale warehouse inventory management needs, MGM Solutions can create an inventory control solution to fit your needs, giving you real time inventory levels, projected usage, low levels alerts, price updates, and more. For an inventory control solutions with hardware, including mobile computers, batch scanners, and mobile printers, and software, that will fit your business’ needs, contact us today.

Inventory Control Solutions from top manufacturers including:

Warehousing Solutions

Warehousing Solutions from MGM Solutions streamline inventory control, order processing, and shipping with custom solutions for your business’ specific needs. With a wide range of product to choose from, including wireless barcode scanners, mobile computers, mobile printers, industrial label printers, and more, we are sure to find a solution to help streamline your warehouse workflow for businesses big and small.