For over 20 years MGM Solutions Inc has been developing Barcode and Point of Sale hardware and software solutions for companies nationwide. We put our customers’ needs first when creating solutions to specific business problems revolving around the use of barcode scanners, retail and restaurant point of sale registers, and web applications. MGM has years of experience building applications from the ground up. We take a customers specification and develop the end product all in house, with constant communication with our customer and full support and follow through.

An innovative leader in the point-of-sale, distribution, and inventory control industries, MGM Solutions connects businesses with the knowledge and tools for successful information management in an ever-changing technological climate.

As a vibrant and young company, MGM Solutions values its goal-oriented staff, empowering individual employees growth while maintaining a keen focus on team collaboration and innovation.

From electronic control of work (eCoW) systems, restaurant point-of-sale systems and retail POS systems, to barcode-driven inventory control systems and customized software programming, MGM Solutions delivers the mission-critical expertise, equipment, and service necessary for business information control.

We embrace a customer-focused attitude, ensuring every solution meets our clients evolving business objectives.

ISNetworld Member Contractor
ISNetworld Member Contractor

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